Climbing Gear

Tree Climbing Equipment

petzl zigzagPetzl ZigZag
  • Technique very similar to classic Prusik pulley system
  • Release lever mounted on spring forgreat precision when jamming/releasing the device; varying the pressure on this lever controls the speed of decent
  • Friction links provide progressive braking action for fluidity when moving around the tree
  • Pulley mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow slack to be taken up easily
  • Swivel helps keep the device in position for better rope glide through the device
  • Steel construction for improved durability
  • for use only on moving rope systems
  • Rope diameter 11.5-13mm (up to 1/2 inch)
Notch Portawrap and woopieNotch Portawrap and Whoopie Combo
  • Whoopie slings provide convenient adjustability along with simple choking motion, eliminating the need for knots.
  • The Whoopie sling can be adjusted short (4 ft) to long (12 ft) with it's special adjustment feature and attached to the tree by simply threading the Portawrap through it's opposite end.
  • Includes large-sized stainless steel Portawrap and hand-spliced, all-polyester 3/4 inch Whoopie sling.
buckingham friction saverBuckingham Friction Saver
  • If preservation work “done right” and maintaining climbing lines is important to your company, then a Friction Saver should be readily available.
  • By utilizing a Friction Saver between your rope and the tree, you nearly eliminate burning friction to your lifeline and certainly reduce the introduction of grit and sand that is present in and on all tree bark. Only Buckingham produces “load rated” Friction Savers with hardened rings, fat enough to significantly limit rope’s bend radius. Buckingham’s anodized aluminum rings are lightweight and dissipate heat better than the steel rings, but don’t withstand abrasive friction quite as long. Some climbers are also more secure with the fact that steel rings can put up with abuse, intentional or not, better than aluminum. Buckingham’s machine-stitched friction savers have a multilayered, stiff-bodied design that insures quick installations and easy removals.
  • The big end is color coded RED and small end green for easy identification during ground removals and installation. 
  • By using throwline, a Buckingham Friction Saver can be both installed, and removed from the ground in just minutes. Detailed instructions provided with each Friction Saver. 
  • 5,000 lb. load rating.