Gasoline Power vs. Battery Power

     Products that we sell at North County Lawnmower include gas powered string trimmers, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, pole saws, and various other gas powered equipment. We also sell hand tools for the landscaping industry. We are farmers at heart so we always try to include products to help small scale farmers. Lately, due to the reality of global warming and extreme wildfires in California, we are trying to open our eyes and realize we have to do something about it. We are starting with the products we sell.

     This shop has been in the business of selling and repairing gas powered power equipment since 1983. We have a clientele that is used to bringing their equipment in to get fixed, buy parts, or buy new gas powered equipment. We have brought in Makita battery powered equipment, along with Stihl, as we are a Stihl dealer. California has announced that in 2024 they are going to outlaw the sale of gas powered small engines under 25 HP. Now, the change is difficult for many, and we will probably lose some business. We are trying to be up for the challenge, because if we don't start with us, we can't complain about what's happening to our world. We can all say, they aren't doing it, so why should we. Or, they aren't doing it, so what we do won't make a difference. These are easy excuses, but I think reality is starting to show, and action needs to be taken NOW.

     We might want to take a look at what we can do to help improve life here on earth. We can start with what we know, and move forward from there. As far as we (Jackie and I) are concerned, we are going to try to curve most of our sales to battery powered equipment. At this time, it's a hard sell for us, but hopefully we will be able to share the benefits to our customers. Other than the health benefits for the people using the equipment, there will be a dramatic impact on our local and worldwide environment. Sure lithium is the result of mining, but it is totally able to be re-energized and used over and over again. In the long run, battery power will save on what a person spends on gasoline, oil mix, and repairs in the long run.

     Another benefit is that there is a major shortage of skilled mechanics that is only going to get worse. Battery powered equipment is simple and very easy to repair, mainly replacing switches or motors. If you haven't looked at switching over to battery powered landscaping equipment, maybe now would be a good time. Your health, and the world's health will thank you, so will I. Thanks for taking the time to read this, been thinking about this a lot lately and just wanted to share my thoughts with you good like minded folks! Cheers to clean air and the fresh smells from our gardens!